The Onoto Magna 261

Centenary Edition
Contemporary, refined and tactile � another classic Onoto!
In 1909, as Onoto started to flex its considerable marketing muscles around the globe, the United States was seen as a key market. So it was little surprise when De La Rue, then owners of the Onoto brand, decided to set up a US subsidiary in New York to manufacture, market and sell Onoto pens.
The offices and retail store were soon established at 261 Broadway, New York and now, to celebrate that occasion 100 years ago, the Onoto Magna 261 Centenary Edition has been issued.
Crafted in England from high density black acrylic, the �261� features an engraved �snake�s head� pattern on the barrel and cap like the original classic Magnas of the 1930s. This is the first Onoto engraved acrylic pen for over 50 years and like its illustrious predecessors the unique pattern gives the pen a striking appearance that distinguishes it from the crowd.
Just like most vintage Onoto pens, the barrel is engraved with �ONOTO THE PEN Made in England�, and on the opposite side of the barrel is a space for personalising the pen with your name or initials.
The cap is finished with a wide gold-plated sterling silver band which is hall-marked and the �261� comes with a booklet explaining British hall-marks. The top of the cap has the famous Onoto cipher which is gold plated to match the instantly recognisable Onoto clip. At the end of the barrel is the number �261� in black and gold encased in a special convex acrylic.
Based on the design of the 1937 Magna, the �261� has a character all of its own... contemporary, refined and tactile... with silky smooth writing from the large two-tone gold plated Onoto size 7 nib. Indeed, another classic Onoto!
Certificate of Authenticity
The Onoto Magna �261� Centenary Edition is being issued in a limited edition of 261 pens, each one accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity. It comes in a superb presentation box together with a no-quibble Lifetime Guarantee � testament to the quality of craftsmanship and design of this superb pen.
No Risk, 30 Day 100% Refund GUARANTEE
You can acquire The Onoto Magna 261 without risk, thanks to our 30 day 100% refund guarantee. It is a cornerstone of our business that if for any reason, you wish to return the pen, you may do so within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price, without question.
The Onoto Magna 261
Centenary Edition
Material: High density black acrylic engraved with a unique snake�s-head pattern
Nib: Large Onoto size 7 Rhodium plated two-tone stainless steel
Cap fittings: Gold-plated hallmarked sterling silver band
Button � gold-plated metal with Onoto cipher
Clip � gold-plated metal with Onoto cipher
Barrel fittings: Convex acrylic button with �261� in gold on black
Capped: 140mm
Uncapped: 123mm
Posted: 163mm
Weight: 25gms
Nib Options: Fine, medium or broad nib as standard
Customised stub, italic or other styles available to order
Rollerball or fineliner also available
Ink feed: Converter (provided) or standard European cartridge
P & P �7.95 (US$12.75/�8.75)
Price: �295 (UK/EU) including 15% VAT
�256.52 Rest of World (US$425/�282)
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