Onoto History  

The Onoto name was carried successfully over to many other products - stylographs, pencils, ink and diaries - as well as other items such as writing paper and blotting paper.

The Onoto Valveless was introduced in 1915, the Onoto ink pencil in 1921, the Onoto Safety 'Receder' and Onoto metal-cased pencils in 1922 and the first Onoto lever-filler in 1923. Various styles of Onoto lever-fillers, ink pencils and ballpens were available until the mid-1950s.


But the plunger-filling Onoto remained the mainstay of the range and gradually developed from the original black chased vulcanite model of 1905 into the stylish marbled plastic Onotos of the late 1940s. In between was a multitude of other plunger-fillers, for example, the red-chased Onoto of 1913, the 'Mammoth' Onoto with No 8 nib (1924), the 'Princess Mary' Onoto in powder blue (1925), Onoto ink pencils (1925), coloured plastic Onotos (1928), Onoto desk sets (1929), visible-ink Onotos (1935) and the fabulous Onoto Magnas (1937)