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The Onoto Magna Plunger-filler Demonstrator

A transparent model showing the workings of the famous Onoto vacuum filling mechanism

The Onoto Magna Plunger-filler in clear acrylic

For years, the 1937 Onoto Magna has been the prized possession of many pen collectors. Renowned for its style and balance and of course, for its plunger-filling system, the Onoto Magna had no equals – until now! Here, for the first time since the 1950s, is a Magna Plunger-filler that has all the style and iconic design elements of its predecessor.  

Innovative and unique

Issued in 2 distinctive versions – the Standard version in pure black acrylic with 23 carat gold-plated fittings and the Demonstrator with clear acrylic barrel and sterling silver fittings - each one hand-made in small limited editions, the Onoto Magna Plunger-filler is a pen with a superb pedigree.

A firm favourite

The plunger-filling system was eventually withdrawn in the 1950s partly because of the cost of manufacturing such an intricate mechanism and partly because of the fashion for more streamlined pens. However, it remained a firm favourite with Onoto enthusiasts and collectors around the world, and now, following many requests, the recreation of an Onoto Magna with a true plunger-filling mechanism has become a reality.

Virtually maintenance-free

The Onoto Magna Plunger-filler has an impeccable lineage and has been developed using original Onoto drawings: the same classic design; the same chevron clip; the same plunger-filler vacuum system. However, key components are now made from better materials than those which existed 50 years ago. For example, the plunger rod is made of carbon fibre; the cup valves are a special silicone rubber and there's an ingenious 3 washer seal that we believe gives a much longer life than the original cork seals. This makes the brand new Onoto Magna virtually maintenance free.

Huge ink capacity

What’s more, the ink capacity is 3 mls, more than 4 times the capacity of a standard K5 converter or cartridge, so you have much longer writing time than most modern fountain pens.

Cut off valve prevents leaking

And, just like the original plunger-filler, The Magna Plunger-filler also features a cut-off valve which seals the ink reservoir when the pen isn't in use. Simply turn the valve by half a turn and it's ready to write!

Limited availability

The Onoto Magna Plunger-filler is being issued in a worldwide limited edition of just 100 pens, 75 in black acrylic and just 25 in the Demonstrator version. As the first fully-functioning Onoto Magna plunger-filler for over 50 years, early indications show that demand is likely to be substantial.

Onoto nibs – Probably the best on the market

Put ‘pen to paper’ and you’ll be amazed at the smoothness of the exclusive Onoto 18ct gold #7 nib, available in broad, fine or medium widths to suit your handwriting style.

Custom nibs also available

And if you prefer to use a special nib – an italic, stub or oblique, for example – you can have our 18ct gold nib ground to your exact specification by one of the UK’s leading nib-masters. Just complete your requirements in the shopping cart.

And for that extra touch ...

Whether for yourself or as a gift, you can have the Magna Plunger-filler engraved on the barrel with a name or initials for that touch of exclusivity at a modest extra cost.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each Onoto Magna Plunger-filler comes in a superb burr wood presentation box with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity confirming its limited edition status. The limited edition number is also engraved onto the barrel button fitted on the end of the plunger knob.

Made in England – just like vintage Onotos
The Onoto Magna Plunger-filler is completely hand-made in England and bears the words:

Made in England

engraved on the barrel just like many of the vintage Onoto pens of the last century when famous patrons like Winston Churchill, Ernest Shackleton, Natsume Soseki and Field Marshall Haig relied on their Onoto pens to communicate great words of wisdom. Click here for more information on the history of Onoto pens.

The Onoto Magna Plunger-filler in clear acrylic

The Onoto Magna Plunger-filler in clear acrylic

Read what our customers say about Onoto

Thousands of modern Onoto pens have been sold around the world, and many customers write to us expressing their delight with their new Onoto. Click here to read what our customers think of their new Onoto pen.

The Onoto Magna Plunger-filler cap in clear acrylic
No Risk, 30 Day 100% Refund GUARANTEE
You can acquire the Onoto Magna Plunger-filler without risk, thanks to our 30 day 100% refund guarantee. It is a cornerstone of our business that if for any reason, you wish to return the pen, you may do so within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price, without question.

 Worldwide delivery

The Onoto Magna Plunger-filler may be delivered anywhere in the world, fully insured, for just £10.

Specification Table
Limited Edition:
100 worldwide (75 in black acrylic, 25 Demonstrators in clear acrylic)
Material: Cap and barrel: High density acrylic
Fittings for black acrylic version in 23ct gold-plated silver
Fittings for Demonstrator in silver/silver-plate
Nib: Onoto size 7 in 18ct gold with rhodium plate
Nib Options: Fine, medium or broad nib as standard.
Customised stub, italic or other styles available to order.
Ink feed:
Plunger-filler only
Capped (closed): 154 mm
Uncapped including nib:  137.5 mm
Posted including nib:
Cap length: 67 mm
Barrel diameter: 13mm tapering to 11mm
Cap diameter 16 mm
Weight: 27 gms

Limited edition: 25

This edition is now SOLD OUT

The Onoto Magna Plunger-filler Demonstrator


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