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The Chuzzlewit

A collection of 4 limited edition pens issued to celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth

The Onoto Chuzzlewit Fountain Pen

2012 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of Britain's best-loved and successful writers, Charles Dickens.

Onoto is proud to celebrate one of the finest exponents of the art of writing with a range of limited edition, British-made fountain pens which have been named after some of the characters from his most famous novels.  Although Dickens spent much of his life in and around in and around London, he was born near Portsmouth where his father was a clerk in the Navy Pay-Office.

After briefly living in Chatham, another naval port in Kent, financial difficulties forced the Dickens family to move to Camden Town, London. Charles was just 10 years old. His father was eventually sent to debtors prison and Charles had to stay with a family friend, working 10-hour days at a Blacking House to pay for his board. The strenuous and often cruel conditions made a deep impression on the young Dickens, later influencing his fiction and essays and forming his interest in socio-economic and labour conditions which formed the backbone to many of his novels.

"Be natural my children. For the writer that is natural has fulfilled all the rules of art."
Dickens died on 9th June 1870, with his final words, above, reported in his obituary in The Times. He was buried in Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey, where his grave is visited by thousands of Dickens lovers every year.

The Link Between Dickens and Onoto

Sadly, we cannot claim that Dickens used an Onoto to write his novels, as he died a few years before the first Onoto was made. 

However, there is a link!

One of the oldest Onoto advertisement we have found so far is dated 1907 and appeared in a book, ‘The Life of Charles Dickens’, a biography written by John Forster! Suffice to say it provided the stimulus we needed to put plans in motion to create this remarkable collection.

Introducing the Charles Dickens Range from Onoto

Whether you are a pen collector, a lover of Dickens' writing or simply a supporter of the finest British craftsmanship, I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the four pens which make up this range.

They are based on the shape and style of the 1937 Onoto Magna, considered by many to be one of the finest fountain pens ever made. The Charles Dickens range features the iconic two thin and one broad cap bands of their famous predecessor, together with the famous Onoto cypher cap button. The clip features the Onoto logo and the distinctive 'chevron' pattern that has been used on many Onoto cap clips since 1905.

Each of the four pens has a distinctive colour combination made by our special fusion-bonding technique which allows the blending of three different colours in a single pen. The four different pearlescent colours give each pen its special character - but with a subtle twist… Under differing light conditions the pearlescent material appears to change colour!

The pens are named after four of the best-loved characters created by Dickens' fertile mind.

The Copperfield (right)

A combination of Black, Pearlescent Silver Grey and White creates a striking yet sophisticated looking pen which is enhanced by the sterling silver fittings.

Limited edition: 200


The Nickleby (left)

Created from a combination of Black,
Pearlescent Red and White with sterling silver
fittings, the Nickleby is a bold and extravagant pen.

Limited edition: 200

The Chuzzlewit (right)

The Chuzzlewit is crafted from a combination of Black, Pearlescent Maroon and White. It is decorated with gold-plated fittings making it arguably the most elegant pen in the range.

Limited edition: 200
This edition is now SOLD OUT


The Pickwick (left)

A more reserved and refined pen, the Pickwick combines Black, Pearlescent Dark Grey and White with sterling silver fittings. In daylight you can see real depth
in the pearlescent colour. 

Limited edition: 200

Made in England – with pride

The Charles Dickens range is entirely hand-made in England using a combination of the latest precision engineering techniques and traditional craft skills. The deliberately low edition numbers allocated to this range of pens means that only a small number of enthusiasts will be able to own a Charles Dickens Onoto.

Onoto nibs – Probably the best on the market

Put ‘pen to paper’ and you’ll be amazed at the smoothness of the Onoto #7 nib. You can select either the gold-plated SS version (as standard) or the 18ct gold version for that extra luxury feel. Both are available in broad, fine or medium widths to suit your handwriting style.

Custom nibs also available

And if you prefer to use a special nib – an italic, stub or oblique, for example – you can have the Onoto nib ground to your exact specification by one of the UK’s leading nib-masters. Just complete your requirements in the shopping cart.

Prefer a rollerball or fineliner?

All pens in The Charles Dickens Range are available as a Rollerball or Fineliner with at no extra cost. Why not purchase a fountain pen and a rollerball as companion pens?

Certificate of authenticity

Each of the 4 pens in The Charles Dickens Range is produced in a limited edition of 200 pens, and each one comes with an Onoto Presentation Box and a signed Certificate of Authenticity, together with an Onoto History booklet, a blotter and a cleaning cloth to keep your pen in tip-top condition. Also included is a leaflet on “How to care for your Fountain Pen”, and a booklet on English hallmarks to explain the history of these stamps of quality. Every Dickens Pen is hallmarked on the cap band with the famous “OPC” Sponsor’s Mark for Onoto Pen Company and – during 2012 only – a special hallmark recognising The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Read what our customers say about Onoto

Thousands of modern Onoto pens have been sold around the world, and many customers write to us expressing their delight with their new Onoto. Click here to read just a few of the comments they have made. 

Lifetime Guarantee
Like all modern Onotos, the 4 pens in The Charles Dickens Range, come with a lifetime guarantee. If there's ever a problem with your pen, just return it to us and we'll repair it for you free of charge. * (*See guarantee card for full details. Does not apply to accidental damage.)
No Risk, 30 Day 100% Refund Guarantee
You can purchase any of the pens in The Charles Dickens Collection without risk, thanks to our 30 day 100% refund guarantee. It is a cornerstone of our business that if for any reason, you wish to return the pen, you may do so within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price, without question.

  The 4 pens in the range are:
  Name Edition Prices from 
(inc VAT) (UK/Europe)
Prices from 
(ex VAT) (rest of world)
  The Copperfield 200 £360 £300
  The Nickleby 200 £360 £300
  The Chuzzlewit 200 £360 £300
  The Pickwick 200 £360 £300
  In addition, all pens can be engraved with your name or initials (additional cost £26.40 inc VAT). Font is normally Arial unless otherwise requested.
  Insured Postage and Packing is £10.00 worldwide.

The Chuzzlewit


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Custom Nib
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Personal Engraving
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Lightweight - 25 grams
Heavyweight - 32 grams £15

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