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The Sir Winston Churchill Chartwell Vermeil

A stunning gold-plated tribute to Britain's greatest statesman

Onoto Pen: Sir Winston Churchill Chartwell Vermeil

A pen steeped in history: a pen to be treasured

Named after Sir Winston’s family home in Kent, the Onoto Chartwell is a stunning tribute to a man who shaped the world we live in; a man whose heroism, statesmanship and authority led a nation through some of the darkest hours imaginable – and refused to surrender.

This version of the Onoto Chartwell, in 23ct gold-plated sterling silver (often known as 'Vermeil') is available in a limited edition of just 200 pieces. It’s a luxury pen which is redolent of the great man in so many ways; a pen with stature and presence; a pen that says a good deal about the qualities of its owner.

Churchill’s historic link with Onoto

When Winston Churchill wrote to his wife Clementine from the trenches in Northern France in November 1915 in the early stages of The Great War, asking for ‘a new Onoto pen’, it was recognition that a Great British pen brand had found favour with the Greatest Briton that ever lived. (See Note 1 below)

Records show Churchill used Onoto pens for much of his writing throughout WWI and WWII. As a writer and communicator, a pen was possibly his most important tool; as he once said “I have always earned my living by my pen ….” (Note 2)

How appropriate then that almost 100 years later, The Onoto Pen Company should be chosen to produce a range of pens to celebrate Churchill’s life and, in particular, his passion for writing.

The Onoto Chartwell

Whether you are a pen collector, a lover of Churchill or simply a supporter of the finest British craftsmanship, you’ll be impressed with the Chartwell

It is a BIG pen weighing over 90 grams!  The cap is designed not to be posted on the end of the barrel, so to give that perfect balance and to sit comfortably in the hand, the barrel has been made extra-long; 134mm from the barrel end to the tip of the nib. The total length of the pen with the cap screwed on is 157.5mm. A mammoth of a pen!

The highly tactile ‘brickwork’ design subtly references Churchill’s passion for bricklaying - he was even given a union card by the Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers.

Sir Winston’s signature on each pen

You’ll also find a facsimile of Sir Winston’s short signature - ‘WSC’ - which he used to initial war correspondence and state documents - on the cap’s ‘cigar-style’ gilded sterling silver cap band.

Decorated with the Churchill seal

The top of the cap is decorated with the Spencer Churchill family seal of a Lion and a Gryphon, made from a wax casting taken from Sir Winston’s signet ring.

Sir Winston’s photographs

With your pen, you will receive an exclusive 24pp booklet which includes a detailed chronology of Sir Winston’s life, and a selection of rarely-seen images from the Churchill family photograph albums.  Also included is a facsimile of the actual letter Sir Winston wrote to his wife in 1915 mentioning Onoto; see his handwriting, and read what he thinks of his first 48 hours in the trenches!

Onoto nibs – Probably the best on the market

Put ‘pen to paper’ and you’ll be amazed at the smoothness of the exclusive Onoto #7 18 carat gold nib. It’s a true touch of luxury and is available in broad, fine or medium widths to suit your handwriting style.

Custom nibs also available

And if you prefer to use a special nib – an italic, stub or oblique, for example – just let us know, we can grind to your exact specification by one of the UK's leading nib-masters. Just complete your requirements in the shopping cart.

Lifetime Guarantee

Like all modern Onoto pens, the Chartwell comes with a lifetime guarantee. If there’s ever a problem with your pen, just return it to us and we’ll repair it for you free of charge. (See guarantee card for full details. Does not apply to accidental damage.)

Licensed by Churchill Heritage

The Sir Winston Churchill Fountain Pen range is officially authorised by Churchill Heritage and the proceeds support good causes and educational initiatives associated with preserving the heritage and legacy of Sir Winston Churchill.

Certificate of Authenticity

The Onoto Chartwell - Vermeil is available in a limited edition of 200 pens. Each one comes in an Onoto burrwood presentation box together with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, Onoto History booklet, blotter and cleaning cloth to keep your pen in tip-top condition. Also included is a leaflet on ‘How to care for your Fountain Pen’ and a booklet on English hallmarks to explain the history of these stamps of quality.

Now, like Churchill, you can own an Onoto

If you have ever considered acquiring a ‘high-end’ pen, but don’t know what to choose, the Chartwell ‘ticks all the boxes’! From the historic link to Churchill, to the authenticity of his signature and family seal, the Onoto Chartwell - Vermeil is a pen with outstanding pedigree. What’s more, it’s entirely made in England, a fact that we like to think would have received Sir Winston’s nod of approval. To acquire the Chartwell, simply click on the ‘Purchase’ button below.

Read what our customers say about Onoto

Thousands of modern Onoto pens have been sold around the world, and many customers write to us expressing their delight with their new Onoto. Click here to read what our customers think of their new Onoto pen.

Made in England – with pride
The Onoto Chartwell is entirely hand-made in England and is based on the shape of one of the most famous fountain pens ever made – the Onoto Magna of 1937 which is still acclaimed by many as the Best fountain pen ever made.

Just like Sir Winston, other famous historical figures used Onoto pens in the last century to communicate great words of wisdom. Click here for more information on the history of Onoto pens. 

"Send me a new Onoto pen.

I have stupidly lost mine."

 Winston Churchill, November 1915

Photo of Sir Winston Churchill bricklaying 

Onoto Pen: Sir Winston Churchill Chartwell Vermeil in front of photo

Onoto Pen: Sir Winston Churchill Vermeil Pen Cap with Cypher

Onoto pen nib #7

No Risk, 30 Day 100% Refund GUARANTEE
You can acquire the Onoto Chartwell - Vermeil without risk, thanks to our 30 day 100% refund guarantee. It is a cornerstone of our business that if for any reason, you wish to return the pen, you may do so within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price, without question.

Prefer a Rollerball?
The Onoto Chartwell - Vermeil  is available as a Rollerball or Fineliner with at no extra cost. Why not purchase a fountain pen and a rollerball as companion pens?

Winston Churchill Heritage Logo

Specification Table
Material: Hallmarked 23ct gold-plated sterling silver
Nib: 18ct gold large Onoto size 7
Cap fittings: 23ct gold-plated sterling silver cigar-style wide cap band with Sir Winston’s
short signature “WSC”
23ct gold-plated die casting of Sir Winston’s signet ring seal
23ct gold-plated clip with Onoto cipher
Barrel fittings: 23ct gold-plated button 
Capped (closed): 157.5mm
Uncapped including nib:  134mm
Barrel diameter 13.5mm
Cap diameter 15.5mm
Cap length 69mm
Weight: 94gms
Nib Options: Fine, medium or broad nib as standard
Customised stub, italic or other styles available to order
Rollerball or fineliner also available
Ink feed: Converter (provided) or standard European cartridge



(1) In 2002, the BBC commissioned a programme to find The Greatest Briton of all Time, and Sir Winston Churchill won in a nationwide poll attracting more than a million votes.

 (2) Actual quote from Winston Churchill on the occasion of his 80th birthday: “I was very glad that Mr Attlee described my speeches in the war as expressing the will not only of Parliament but of the whole nation. Their will was resolute and remorseless and, as it proved, unconquerable. It fell to me to express it, and if I found the right words you must remember that I have always earned my living by my pen and by my tongue. It was a nation and race dwelling all round the globe that had the lion heart. I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar.


The Sir Winston Churchill pen range is produced by The Onoto Pen Company Limited under license from Churchill Heritage Limited in association with Curtis Brown©2011. A percentage from the sale of each pen will be donated to good causes associated with the life and work of Sir Winston Churchill. The photographs used in the accompanying booklet are taken from the Broadwater Collection of Churchill family photographs held at the Churchill Archive Centre, Cambridge, England.

The Sir Winston Churchill Chartwell Vermeil


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