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Cambridge Alumni: Black Acrylic

Alumni Pen Collection


In celebration of your time at Cambridge!

The Cambridge Alumni pen in black acrylic

Exclusively for you

Designed and made in England by The Onoto Pen Company, one of the country’s oldest fountain pen manufacturers, these pens are now available exclusively to Cambridge alumni around the world.

This classically styled fountain pen is made from high density black acrylic material with gold-plated fittings.

The University of Cambridge crest is gold-plated in perfect detail on the top of the pen cap and you can have your college crest embedded into the end of the barrel in full colour. You can also have your year of graduation added next to the words "University of Cambridge" which are engraved around the wide gold-plated cap band.

Famous heritage

Established in England in 1905 by Thomas De La Rue, the postage stamp and banknote printers, Onoto pens were innovative, easy to fill, and guaranteed not to leak. Onoto became one of the most famous British fountain pen manufacturers of the last century when Onoto pens were sold around the globe.

In 2009, the University of Cambridge selected Onoto to produce a range of pens to celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the University. See customer testimonials for some of the wonderful compliments received. As a result, this Alumni pen range was developed.

Perfect balance and feel

Hold the Cambridge Black Acrylic Alumni pen and you will marvel at its perfect balance and how tactile it feels. It is one of the most robust pens on the market today, thanks to its durable, high density acrylic composition.

Onoto nibs – Probably the best on the market

Each Black Acrylic Alumni pen is fitted with a size 7 Onoto nib made famous by the Onoto Magna of the 1930s, considered by many as one of the finest fountain pens ever produced. Put ‘pen to paper’ and you’ll be amazed at its smoothness. You can select either the gold-plated SS version (as standard) or the 18 carat gold version for that extra-luxury feel. Both are available in broad, fine or medium widths to suit your handwriting style.

Custom nibs also available

And if you prefer to use a special nib – an italic, stub or oblique, for example – you can have either our standard SS or gold nib ground to your exact specification by one of the UK’s leading nib-masters. Just complete your requirements in the shopping cart.

Prefer a Rollerball?

The Cambridge Alumni pens are available as a Rollerball or Fineliner at no extra cost. Why not purchase a fountain pen and a rollerball as companion pens?

Lifetime guarantee

Like all modern Onoto pens, the Cambridge Black Acrylic Alumni pen comes with a lifetime guarantee. If there’s ever a problem with your pen, just return it to us and we’ll repair it for you free of charge.*

(* See guarantee card for full details. Does not apply to accidental damage.)
Made in England 

The Cambridge Alumni range is entirely hand-crafted in England and each pen bears the words:

Made in England

engraved on the barrel just like many of the vintage Onoto pens of the last century when famous patrons like Sir Winston Churchill, Ernest Shackleton, Natsume Soseki and Field Marshall Haig relied on their Onoto pens to communicate great words of wisdom.

Click here for Onoto history.

Cambridge Alumni lid in Black Acrylic

An Onoto nib

The Cambridge Alumni pen and presentation box

Superb Presentation Box and Certificate of Authenticity

The Cambridge Black Acrylic Alumni pen is produced in a limited edition of 800. Each one comes with an exclusive University of Cambridge Presentation Box and a signed Certificate of Authenticity together with a University history booklet and blotter. A cleaning cloth to keep your pen in tip-top condition, a leaflet on “How to care for your Fountain Pen” and a booklet on English hallmarks to explain the history of these stamps of quality complete the package. Each pen is hallmarked on the gold-plated sterling silver cap band.

Personalisation options for your Alumni Acrylic pen:

Your choice of nib. You can select either a Fine, Medium or Broad nib for your Alumni fountain pen and may choose either the gold-plated SS version (as standard) or the 18 carat gold version for that extra-luxury feel. Rollerball or Fineliner versions are also available.

Your college shield. You can have your college shield in superb colour and encased in clear acrylic, embedded into the end of the barrel of your pen for a small additional cost. (Every Cambridge college shield is available – see right.)

Your name or initials. You can have your name or initials engraved on the barrel of the pen for a small extra cost. (Maximum 16 characters in Arial or Script font.)

Your graduation year. The year of your graduation (or any other year!) may be engraved on the gold-plated silver cap band at no extra charge.

Heavyweight or Lightweight. If you prefer a more weighty ‘feel’ to your pen, you can choose the heavyweight version (32 grams) rather than the standard/lightweight option (25 grams) without extra charge.

You will find all these personalisation options in drop-down lists in the Shopping Cart. 


You can select from the full range of Cambridge
college shields for your pen. Please click the image to enlarge it.

Material: High density black acrylic
Nib: Large Onoto size 7 in either gold-plated SS or 18ct gold
Nib Options: Fine, medium or broad nib
Rollerball or Fineliner also available at no additional cost
Customised stub, italic or other styles available to order (extra charge).
Cap fittings: Gold-plated sterling silver band with full English hallmarks, engraved with ‘University of Cambridge’ and optionally, the year of graduation .
Button - gold-plated UOC crest
Clip - gold-plated with Onoto cipher
Barrel fittings:
Gold-plated button or optional 4-colour acrylic college shield of your choice
Barrel engraving: ‘Onoto THE Pen Made in England’. Optional name or initials (max 16 characters) may also be engraved on the barrel
Barrel engraving: ‘Onoto THE Pen Made in England’. Optional name or initials (max 16 characters) may also be engraved on the barrel
Ink feed:
Converter (provided) or standard European cartridge
Capped (closed): 139 mm
No Risk, 30 Day 100% Refund GUARANTEE
You can acquire any of The Onoto Cambridge Alumni
without risk, thanks to our 30 day 100% refund
guarantee. It is a cornerstone of our business that if for
any reason, you wish to return the pen, you may do so
within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the
purchase price, without question.

Uncapped including nib:  122 mm
Posted including nib:
161 mm
Cap length: 67 mm
Barrel diameter: 11 - 13.2 mm
Cap diameter 14 - 15.8 mm
Weight: 25 gms or 32 gms
Limited edition:
800 worldwide

For full details of the other pens in the University of Cambridge Alumni pen range, please click:

Cambridge Alumni pen in Sterling Silver

Cambridge Alumni pen in Vermeil (23ct gold-plated Sterling Silver)

Cambridge Alumni: Black Acrylic


Select Your Preferred Nib Style (required field)
Custom Nib
Custom Nib £36
College Shield
Year of Graduation (or other date) engraving on cap band
Personal Engraving on barrel
Weight (required field)
Lightweight - 25 grams
Heavyweight - 32 grams

Pricing and Quantity

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Price: £264.00 (excluding your options)


Special Instructions

Alternatively, please email or telephone +44 (0) 1603 811165 and we will send you an order form.

Business Terms and Conditions

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