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Newsletter of The Onoto Pen Company

November 2009

Welcome to this latest issue of 'The Onotoist', specially written
for Onoto enthusiasts around the world and designed to keep
you up to date with everything about Onoto pens. Whether you
are a vintage pen owner, have just purchased a new Onoto or
are simply curious about what we are doing, I hope you enjoy
the information. If you would like to make a contribution to the
next newsletter or have a story about a vintage or modern
Onoto you'd like to share, you can contact me by email by
clicking the link below.

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Dave Cooper

Email: david@onoto.com

 Onoto - Back in the USA!


Exactly 100 years since Onoto opened its offices in New York, and in a move designed to re-introduce Onoto to US pen collectors and retailers, Onoto CEO Alastair Adams visited the Washington DC Pen Show
in August.
Together with Jim Marshall, long-term Onoto enthusiast and author of a brand new book entitled 'Onoto Pen Repair',
Alastair spent 4 days introducing the new, expanded Onoto range to a whole new audience. 

'Many of the visitors to the show were very knowledgeable about
old Onoto pens but had not seen the new Onoto limited edition
pens. They seemed genuinely interested in what we were doing
and were pleased that we had come to the Washington DC show,
' Alastair commented.

New US agent

While Alastair was in DC, he formally appointed Julie Vanden Bosch as Onoto's agent for the US. Julie is eager to start
working with US retailers to promote Onoto. Julie is based in Richmond Virginia and can be contacted on 804 516 5699
or by email: julie@onoto.com

Magna Writer Engraved 2.jpg

The Onoto Magna Writer, our first acrylic pen since the 1950s, was of particular interest to many vintage Onoto fans in Washington.

Based on the classic 1937 Onoto Magna, the Writer's simple yet stylish design was much admired due to its light weight and wonderfully smooth size 7 nib.
For more information about the Magna Writer go to: http://www.onoto.com/magnawriter.asp.

 ...and on Broadway!
Alastair also had a pre-prototype version of the Onoto 261 on display. Available from December 2009, the '261' pays tribute to Onoto's US connections since 1909 when our first US retail store was opened at 261 Broadway, New York.

Onoto Magna 261 (2).jpg

To order a '261' and be one of the first to own one of these historic pens, go to: www.onoto.com/magna261.

 800 Years of History!
Onoto takes great pride in being associated with one of the oldest educational establishments in the world - The University
of Cambridge - which was founded in England in 1209 and is celebrating its 800th anniversary this year.

The university has commissioned an exclusive range of pens
from Onoto all of which include  the university's crest and a commemorative engraving.
There are 4 pens in the collection:

Black Acrylic
in an edition of 800

Sterling Silver - edition 200

Vermeil (gilded)
Silver -  edition 100

18 carat Solid Gold - edition 10


Prices range from £249 (approx US$360) for the acrylic up to £9995 (approx US$14,450) for the solid gold edition.
Cambridge800_gilt_crest.jpg Cambridge800_gilt_crest.jpg Cambridge800_gilt_crest.jpg
The pens are available to alumni of the University of Cambridge
or anyone with a connection to it. For more details go to www.onoto.com/cambridge800.asp

 The first underwater Onoto
We recently acquired one of the original plunger-filler Onoto pens, dated around 1910, for our archive. At first glance there's nothing too unusual about that - you can buy them regularly on eBay - but this one had something rather special about it. It had been sent to the bottom of the English Channel by a German
U-Boat in 1917 and had stayed there for more than 70 years!

To read the full story of the Onoto pen recovered from the
wreck of SS Medina, go to http://www.onoto.com/ssmedina 

 'Onoto Pen Repair' Book

Repair booksm.jpg

The perfect 'stocking-filler' for anyone with an interest in vintage Onoto pens, this recently published book is a great deal more than a
simple repair manual - it's a detailed history
and chronology of Onoto pen types, colours,
numbering systems, feeds, overlays etc, etc.
It's lavishly illustrated with over 100 images and illustrations and of course, if you are interested in pen repairs, it's an invaluable step-by-step guide. Brilliant!

You will be able to buy the Onoto Repair Book from the new "Vintage" page on our website very shortly.

 Nibs galore - and more!
Onoto has recently added more options to the range of nib
types available for all pens in the range. In addition to the standard fine, medium and broad, we now offer stub and italic options as well as a custom service to grind any of our nibs to your specification.

If you want an Arabic, an oblique or a cursive italic, we'll get one made for you.

In addition, we also offer rollerball and fineliner options on our entire range. Full details of our specialist nib service will soon be available on our website.

 Onoto in the media

Writing Equipment Society. Onoto has recently featured significantly in the latest issue of the Writing Equipment Society's Journal € with no fewer than 12 pages dedicated to Onoto - past and present! http://www.wesonline.org.uk/

The Field. A major article on English fountain pens in the December 2009 issue of The Field
(www.thefield.co.uk/magazine)  features Onoto - of course!

We get many letters every month from Onoto fans around the world with interesting stories and facts about Onoto pens - old and new. Here are a few from this month€s postbag:


Onoto and Sir Winston Churchill. We have received a letter from South Africa from Martin Marx, a pen enthusiast who was recently €introduced€ to Onoto by a very distinguished gentleman € Sir Winston Churchill. Martin was reading €Winston and Clementine: The Personal Letters of the Churchills€ by Mary Soames and came across

the following in a letter which Winston wrote to Clemmie while
he was serving in war-torn northern France in November 1915. "...send me a new Onoto pen. I have stupidly lost mine." Some days later, Clemmie replied, "...am sending you foods and Onoto pen." As Martin explains, this is "irrefutable proof", if any were needed, that the world's greatest statesman used the world's greatest pen!

Dorothy L Sayers.
Onoto is also mentioned in Dorothy L Sayers' novel "Clouds of Witness" a Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery. As the detective examines a body on the lawn, he says, "... Wait a minute. Here's his fountain pen. Very handsome - Onoto with complete gold casing. Well I don't know that anyone can deduce anything from that, exactly." Thanks to Sarah McCartney for pointing it out to us.

And finally, The Titanic Exhibition. Rob Harris, one of the visitors to the Washington DC Pen Show, told us about an Onoto pen which had been recovered from the wreck of the Titanic and is on display as part of the Titanic Exhibition at Discovery Times Square Exposition, New York.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this issue of 'The Onotoist'.
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In This Issue
Onoto - Back in the USA

...and on Broadway

800 years of history

The first underwater Onoto!

Nibs galore - and more!

Onoto - in the media
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The Classic Onoto Centenary!
Here are a few comments from our customers about this magnificent pen!

"The Centenary is extraordinary! I love it! It is everything I expected and more."
Lance White, USA

"The Centenary pen is excellent. I will use this pen with pride."
Akira Ebisawa, Japan

"It's a marvel. I didn't realize the care that you people put into the manufacture of the thing. I'm tempted to leave this pen in its box (opened) on my desk and use it strictly as a signature pen. It's just too attractive looking for everyday use. And, by the way, the nib is perfect!"
Peter Brauman, USA

"Thank you for being so professional. Prompt delivery in a beautiful package. "Awesome" and "terrific pen" were the words I said when I saw my pen this morning."
Michel Labrie, Canada
Order early for Christmas!
With the holiday season upon us, now's the time to think about ordering that special gift for a friend, colleague or family member - something they will cherish and treasure for years to come. Most of our pens can now be personalised with an engraved name or initials for that extra touch of exclusivity.

But don't leave it too late! International orders need to be with us by 10th December and UK/EU orders by 15th December to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.
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