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Newsletter of The Onoto Pen Company

March 2012

Welcome to the latest issue of The Onotoist.

It's another bumper issue with lots of interesting facts, figures and information to keep you up to date with the very latest in the world of Onoto.

You'll get updates on all the latest pen releases; The Heritage Plunger-Filler, The Sir Winston Churchill range and the recently-released Charles Dickens commemorative range.

You'll also get some useful tips on keeping your pens clean and in good working order as well as news about the definitive history of Onoto, currently being written. 

OK, let's get started... As ever, if you have any thoughts or comments you'd like to share, just email them to me and we'll consider them for inclusion in the next issue. 
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Onoto 'It works this way'' advertisement in The Strand Magazine around 1909. The new Heritage Plunger-filler uses exactly the same filling system.
Dave Cooper
What's new?

It's been a hectic few months since the last issue of 'The Onotoist' - How time flies when you are having fun!

In the last issue we previewed the additions to the Magna Classic range and they have proved to be very popular, especially the chased pattern options in black, blue and Havana brown. 

Onoto Magna Classic blue/gold chased

Mini-editions in Yellow and Orange

The mini editions in stunning Burnt Orange and Mandarin Yellow (both editions of only 20) sold out very quickly and although these colours won't be repeated, we're on the track of more exotic colours to tempt you!
 The new Heritage Plunger-filler

Since we resurrected the Onoto brand in 2005, we have been innundated with requests to produce a plunger-filler from Onoto enthusiasts from all around the world. It was no real surprise, as the plunger-filler revolutionised the pen industry when it was first launched in 1905.

As you'll see from the 1920s Onoto poster reproduced below, the new Onoto Heritage makes more than a passing resemblance to the original type-3000 Onotos of the early 20th century. Elegant, slim and endlessly tactile, thanks to the beautiful Henry Simpole overlay on the cap, The Heritage recreates the essence of those original Onotos with its brilliant vacuum-filling system. 

The internal workings of the new Heritage are based on original 20th century Onoto drawings although some elements have been upgraded with more modern and reliable materials. For example, the plunger rod is now made from carbon fibre and the washers/seals are a new form of polyrubber to give longer life than the old cork seals.

Incidentally, the Heritage has an enormous ink capacity - more than double a standard converter - so you can write for much longer without refilling!
Onoto Heritage Plunger Filler Onoto Peter Pen ad
This is the first fully-functioning Onoto plunger-filler for more than 50 years. It's truly a pen that shouts 'Heritage' from every angle. 

The Heritage is being produced in a limited edition of just 100 and the first production run of 30 pieces sold out within a few days of release. The second production run - a further 30 pieces - has just been released, so if you'd like to reserve one, please click here

 Onoto and Sir Winston Churchill

When Major Winston Churchill wrote "Send me also a new Onoto pen. I have stupidly lost mine." in a letter to his wife Clementine from the trenches of northern France on 23rd November 1915, little did he expect that almost 100 years later, the same brand would produce a range of pens bearing his name.

The recently launched Sir Winston Churchill range of Onoto pens has been very well received by collectors and Churchill enthusiasts all around the world. 

And no wonder... The range was designed and made in close co-operation with the Churchill family and Churchill Heritage. We were given special access to see and hold Sir Winston's possessions, including some of his actual letters including the one in which he mentions his Onoto pen. A facsimile of this letter, written in 1915, is included with each pen in the range. We have also produced a unique 24 page booklet containing many rarely-seen photos of Sir Winston from the Churchill family albums which is also included with each pen.

Every pen sold helps keep the memory of Sir Winston Churchill alive as a proportion of the sales price goes to the Churchill Heritage to support education initiatives to keep his works and words of wisdom alive for future generations.  

There are currently 3 pens in the range: The Pinstripe, the Sterling Silver Chartwell and the most recent addition to the range, the Gold-plated Sterling Silver Chartwell.
Onoto Churchill Silver pen

The Chartwell in sterling silver
We have produced a large number of pens over the past 7 years, many of them in sterling silver, and in my opinion, the Chartwell is the finest. 
Onoto Churchill Chartwell pen vermeil
The Chartwell in gold-plated sterling silver (known as Vermeil)

I'm sure you appreciate the effort which goes into the production of such pens... from the facsimile of Churchill's abbreviated 'WSC' signature on every cap band, to the reproduction of the gryphon and lion emblems cast from Churchill's own signet ring, on the cap badge, and even the choice of decoration: 
Pinstripe to reflect Churchill's favourite material and a Brickwork pattern on the silver pens to acknowledge his passion for building at Chartwell.  
Onoto Churchill Pinstripe
The Sir Winston Churchill Pinstripe (above)

For more information about the official Sir Winston Churchill pen range, 
click here and see if you agree with me; these are the most exquisite pens we have ever produced.  
 NEW! The Charles Dickens range

2012 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of Britain's best-loved and successful writers, Charles Dickens.

And we are proud to celebrate one of the finest exponents of the art of writing with a range of limited edition, British-made fountain pens which have been named after some of the characters from his most famous novels. 

Onoto Charles Dickens pen range
The pens shown are (top to bottom) The Chuzzlewit, The Nickleby, The Copperfield and The Pickwick

You'll find more details at Onoto Charles Dickens range.

Why not join WES?

Why not join the Writing Equipment Society? We think you should… It's a marvellous organisation with a hugely popular and worthwhile magazine published 3 times a year …go to

We have recently produced The President's Pen on behalf of WES, a beautifully chased pattern pen in blue acrylic. Buyers of the pen receive a voucher which entitles them to a full year's free membership of WES and 15% discount on any Onoto purchases during the year. (Isn't that another great reason to join?!) 

 Looking after your Onoto
We're often asked about how to keep your Onoto in tip-top condition, so here's a quick review that may help you get the most from your pen. These comments apply to converter/cartridge pens only - not the Heritage plunger-filler. 

External appearance
Precious metal pens and acrylics all attract grease and moisture from the atmosphere and from your hands, and over time they will lose that 'fresh-out-of-the-box' appearance they once had. 

However, a quick buffing with the Onoto Cleaning Cloth (supplied with every pen we sell) will quickly restore the sparkle. How frequently should you use the cloth? Well, it depends on how much use you give your pens, but once every couple of months will generally do the trick. 

Of course, if you are a heavy user and have particularly greasy or acidic hands (we are all different) you may need to get your cloth out more frequently.

Ink flow
The pesky grease and moisture that affects the external appearance of your pen can also have an impact on its writing ability. Nibs are sensitive souls, so they need the equivalent of a spring-clean evey now and then, too. 

Here's what you should do... Get a cup of tepid water and add a tiny drop of washing up liquid to it. With your converter empty, flush it with the tepid water a couple of times. This will wash out any residues in the feeder unit and will remove the grease from your nib and improve the ink flow.

Special Offer! FREE Onoto Cleaning Cloths
Need a new Onoto Cleaning Cloth? Buy 2 bottles of Onoto ink or an Onoto Leather pen case and we'll send you 2 Cleaning Cloths FREE of charge. Order here. 
The definitive History of Onoto
Good news for all fans of Onoto... A definitive 'History of Onoto' is currently being researched and written by Steve Hull.

If we ever receive a question about a vintage Onoto pen or any aspect of the history of De La Rue or any connections to Onoto, Steve is our first point of contact. With more than 800 vintage Onoto pens, pencils, ballpens and the assorted ephemera to go with it, Steve's home - or at least a good proportion of it - is a Temple to Onoto!

The book is underway and Steve reckons it will be completed in time for launch at the London Pen Show (LWES) in 2013. I'm sure it will be eagerly anticipated - and well worth the wait!

 And finally!

We will be attending the Eastern Pen Show in Cambridge this Sunday 25th March. It's being held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel and starts at 10.30am. Come along. We'd love to meet you. Directions here

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In This Issue

What's new?

The new Heritage Plunger-filler

Onoto and Sir Winston Churchill

The Charles Dickens range

Why not join WES?

Looking after your Onoto

Special Offer! Free Onoto Cleaning Cloths

The definitive History of Onoto

And Finally - Eastern Pen Show

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