Onoto luxury fountain pens – for today, tomorrow and forever!

Since 1905, classic craftsman-made Onoto fountain pens have been cherished for their reliability, their innovation and their style in every corner of the world. Pen-lovers, collectors, and connoisseurs have all appreciated the timeless elegance that defines an Onoto pen.

Today, you can share in that proud tradition thanks to an ever-increasing range of limited edition luxury fountain pens and writing accessories; exclusive and individual works of art with a world-class pedigree, hand-crafted in England by our master pen-makers.


Sent to the ocean

Sent to the ocean bed by a WW1 U-boat in 1917 – this Onoto fountain pen still writes perfectly after 70 years underwater!


The Onoto History

De La Rue had made their name as high quality printers, responsible for the printing of bank notes and postage stamps. They had printed British and Indian stamps since 1865 and had started printing bank notes in 1860.


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Onoto at Strathendry, Fife